Ranking The Biggest Player Losses Due to Free Agency

Some of the most remarkable accomplishments that GM Jim Rutherford completed when transitioning the Pittsburgh Penguins team to this 2017 season was keeping pretty much all of the roster in tact and together. The only player that the Penguins lost was Beau Bennet and Ben Lovejoy, and with all due respect to Mr. Bennet, I don’t think any Pens fan cares or even missed him. Lovejoy … Continue reading Ranking The Biggest Player Losses Due to Free Agency

Offseason Player Grades: Chris Kunitz

Regular Season Stats GP:71  G:9  A:20  PTS:29  +/-:0  PIM:36 Playoff Stats GP:20  G:2  A:9  PTS:11 +/- 6 PIM:27 Player Grade: B I gave Chris Kunitz a B based on how well he did in the role he was given this season.  Because he is aging Kunitz took on a bottom six role for most of the season, he occasionally played a top six role.  He … Continue reading Offseason Player Grades: Chris Kunitz

Unsung Heroes

Overtime, Game 7; these are the games as hockey fans we love. Thursday night, the Penguins defeated the Senators 3-2 in double overtime to clinch their bid to the Stanley Cup Finals vs the Nashville Predators. The game winning goal coming from 37-year-old Chris Kunitz, which was his second goal of the night. This entire playoff, and regular season has been filled with unsung heroes. … Continue reading Unsung Heroes

Chris Kunitz Enjoying Success At 37

When the Penguins traded defenseman Ryan Whitney to the Ducks to acquire left winger Chris Kunitz and prospect (at the time) Eric Tangradi back in 2009, no one expected the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup. They did just that. At that point, they were clamoring to find a guy who could play with Sidney Crosby. Trading a guy like Whitney for Kunitz, both of whom were … Continue reading Chris Kunitz Enjoying Success At 37

COLUMN: I Was Wrong About Chris Kunitz

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I don’t often admit when I’m wrong (because I’m usually right), but I’ll admit I was wrong about Chris Kunitz. For those of you that may follow me on twitter, when I live-tweet games, I usually have a Kunitz complaint or two in there. I am primarily an optimist, but I’m also a perfectionist and can … Continue reading COLUMN: I Was Wrong About Chris Kunitz

Pride, Passion, Pittsburgh…Penguins?

For those of you who love Pittsburgh’s baseball team, I apologize. This phrase doesn’t really apply to your team anymore. This really applies to Pittsburgh’s hockey team. The one at the ‘Paint Can’ on 1001 Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh. In a game where all hope seemed further than than the distance between California and Pennsylvania, a few players poked there heads out and did some … Continue reading Pride, Passion, Pittsburgh…Penguins?

Something About Kunitz And Not Fitting In Anymore

For many years now, Chris Kunitz has been a part of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Nine years if we are being exact. In those nine years, the Penguins have won two Stanley Cups. You can’t say that he didn’t have an impact, especially for the first cup run, but I wouldn’t say he was vital to the Penguins team. Let’s take a look at Kunitz’ career … Continue reading Something About Kunitz And Not Fitting In Anymore

Penguins Preseason Q&A

 Hello, Pens fans! We are back for the 2016-’17 season and it’s going to be a great title defense. Without further ado, here are your questions answered below: Would the Pens benefit in the long run if they rested veterans periodically thru the holidays coming off the Cup run? — Michael O. Bruno (@mobruno215) September 28, 2016 I don’t think resting veterans is a … Continue reading Penguins Preseason Q&A