Giroux’s elbow – more than just a cheap shot

My original take on the Claude Giroux collision with Kris Letang is that it was an unfortunate accident. I now take it back. I want it stricken from the record. The statement is still true in a way, but my reasoning is now completely different. I always thought Giroux saw Letang coming. I always thought he did lean into the impact a little. I … Continue reading Giroux’s elbow – more than just a cheap shot

Boulton: These Penguins are a bit more stable

Ever since the Round One Battle of Pennsylvania became official, one question has been on the minds of all Pittsburgh Penguins fans: are the 2018 Pittsburgh Penguins emotionally stable enough to handle a Philadelphia Flyers series this time around? Back in 2012, the Penguins were eliminated in the Conference Quarter Final by their state rivals in six games. That series featured a league record 45 … Continue reading Boulton: These Penguins are a bit more stable

Boulton: Crosby the league’s top player

Before we get going, Sidney Crosby is on another planet. We all know it. Haters know it too, even if some of them don’t know they know it. He does so many amazing things on a regular basis that I even mentioned last year about the potential to take him for granted. Crosby imploded even more minds last night when he scored the overtime winner … Continue reading Boulton: Crosby the league’s top player

Young guys possess veteran traits

The young guns of the Pittsburgh Penguins weren’t long learning from the veterans about winning. Two Stanley Cups in two seasons means most of the up and comers don’t know what losing is. Watching Sidney Crosby every day must be a great motivator. Conor Sheary skates low with the leg strength style and passing vision of captain Crosby. Bryan Rust has the sheer determination of … Continue reading Young guys possess veteran traits

Was The Reaves Fight Untimely?

It was quite a first period in Thursday night’s game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and bitter rivals Columbus Blue Jackets. With about five minutes left in the 0-0 frame, Penguins tough guy Ryan Reaves threw a beautifully clean and electrifying hit against Columbus’s Markus Hannikainen. As happens in this era, Reaves was immediately challenged/jumped by Lukas Sedlak. Reaves essentially three punched Sedlak and the fight … Continue reading Was The Reaves Fight Untimely?

Penguins’ Improvement At 5-on-5

When you work hard, eventually you get rewarded. As much as it’s hard to keep believing this when you’re not getting the bounces, it proves itself true time and time again. After slumping offensively by Pittsburgh standards for most of the season, Penguins players up and down the roster are finally being rewarded in spades. Sidney Crosby‘s non-controversial goal on November 24th against Boston explains … Continue reading Penguins’ Improvement At 5-on-5

Pens Trying To Find Footing 5-on-5

The Pittsburgh Penguins can’t score at even strength. Who’d have predicted that? How does this keep happening with the roster they have? It can’t always be an issue of running into a hot goalie. Not every night. You could just say they’ve gone cold, but that doesn’t explain how the power play is in the league top five, holding them in most games when needed. … Continue reading Pens Trying To Find Footing 5-on-5

Penguins Physicality Not What You Might Think

On October 6, after a 10-1 drubbing at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins coach Mike Sullivan asked for more physicality from his players. Physical play has been a point of contention for years in Pittsburgh as superstar veterans Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, and especially Sidney Crosby have been the victims of some “liberties” dished out by opposing players who have little retribution … Continue reading Penguins Physicality Not What You Might Think

Kicking Their Way In

Well folks. It’s only Game 1 and already there’s some passion in the fans. Brayden Schenn scored a first period goal in Pittsburgh off his skate to move the St. Louis Blues into a questionable 1-1 tie. My immediate thought before the review even happened was good goal. I tweeted this: He steered it, but no kicking motion IMO. — Josh Boulton (@ToughCallBlog) October 5, … Continue reading Kicking Their Way In