Trade Deadline Preview

The trade deadline is February 26 and many names are rumored to be on the move. Some big names and some role players that will be on the move. The trade deadline has not been as active as past seasons due to teams getting deals done before. But this year it seems like teams could be waiting till the last possible moment to make a deal and get the best value in return.

The trade deadline is always exciting in the NHL because teams that are struggling will sell off players that will provide assets for their future. Also playoff contenders add for their hopeful cup run.

This article will be looking at names swirling around the league as we head towards the 26th. We will look at some places where these players could possibly end up

Evander Kane, Winger

Kane is an extremely talented winger who is on an expiring contract after this season. Odds are no matter where he’s traded to he will end up signing somewhere else when July 1st hits. His asking price is rumored to be expensive. Buffalo wants assets back that include picks and prospects.

Fits: Pittsburgh, St.Louis, San Jose

Kane is an issue when it comes to his character for a team. But if he produces at a high level for a team and a team believes that the reward outweighs the cost then a deal will be done. Kane will be moved by the deadline for sure.

Mike Green, Defenseman

Green is enjoying a great season in the final year of his contract. He adds good offense and power play ability. He’s a rental player odds are as he is a free agent after the season. So odds are when he’s dealt he could sign elsewhere. But in the meantime he could be a great addition for a team looking to make the next step in their roster.

Fits: New York Islanders, Washington, Toronto, Tampa Bay

Green would be a great add for any playoff team. He adds a right handed defenseman which seems rare anymore. He will be sought after until he is eventually dealt.

Patrick Maroon, Winger

Maroon is having one of his best years this season. He’s producing on a struggling Oilers team and adds a solid penalty kill. He would be a great depth acquisition for any playoff team. Especially if that team needs help on the penalty kill.

Fits: Anaheim, Boston

Anaheim is struggling up to this point in the season, where Boston has been successful. Either way Maroon would add scoring depth and the ability to take away scoring when they’re serving a penalty.

Mark Letestu, Center

Letestu is what he is and he is a 4th line center. He wins faceoffs and adds some scoring touch. He is a veteran leader who could add some penalty kill ability. He should be cheap to acquire but you get what you pay for. If a trade goes down the team acquiring him will be getting a reliable and textbook fourth line center.

Fits: Pittsburgh, Boston, Columbus, New Jersey

Letestu is likely on the move before the deadline passes. He adds good depth and at a cheap price. A good rental player for almost any playoff team.

Max Pacioretty, Winger

Pacioretty is currently in the struggling Canadiens franchise. Their captain has started to circulate in trade rumors but will have a huge price tag. Although the price hasn’t been leaked like Kane’s was, it’s said to be huge. He adds a top 6 winger and bolsters almost any lineup. Also he adds an immediate leadership impact.

Fits: St.Louis, Pittsburgh, New York Islanders, Philadelphia

He would add scoring to either of these teams. I really like him with the Islanders. Shows Taveres you’re serious about contending and adds to your club.

Michael Grabner, Winger

He adds great depth to any lineup. He adds skill and scoring ability for the bottom six on any team. He is a great two way player as he also plays well defensively.

Fits: Winnipeg, Anaheim, Columbus, St.Louis

With his affordable cap hit and ability to produce in small amounts of ice time will make him saught after. With the Rangers being sellers this year, Grabner is sure to be traded.

Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Center

A young and talented kid with a cheap cap hit. He would be expensive and in high demand for a lot of teams. He would be a great 3rd line center for any team looking for a cup run.

Fits: Pittsburgh, Columbus, New Jersey

Pageau is connected with the Penguins often. He has also been rumored to the Blue Jackets. It’ll be interesting to see how much the Senators sell if at all. But if they are sellers look for Pageau to be moved.

Thomas Vanek, Winger

Vanek has been some what of a journeyman in the league over the past few seasons. It’s a wonder why because he has produced well for every team he has played for. He is on an expiring contract but is producing at a great rate again this season.

Fits: Boston, New York Islanders, Winnepeg, Vegas

Vanek won’t command a huge price tag to trade for. He would be a great addition to any lineup looking for offense in its lineup.

Aaron Dell, Goalie

Dell is enjoying his best season of his career. He’s helping the Sharks stay in the playoff hunt. But with Thornton out with a knee injury and the likelihood of them dropping out of the playoffs, Dell could be dealt.

Fits: New York Islanders, New Jersey, Chicago

Dell should be a cheaper player to acquire. He hasn’t proven that he can be a teams number 1 goalie yet but he is a solid backup. You could count on him to start some playoff games if need be.

James Neal, Winger

Neal is one of the top goal scorers in the league and has been since he entered the league. The question is, will Vegas sell? If they stick to the long term plan then they will sell the high value Neal at the deadline unless they’re 100% sure they can resign him long term.

Fits: Nashville, Philadelphia, St.Louis

If Neal is traded it’ll be to a team in need of a top 6 winger. He will provide instant production to any lineups goal scoring column. Ps: put Nashville in there because maybe there is still a connection there with Neal still having a house there.

David Perron, Winger

Again it is unknown if Vegas will sell or not. But between the two of Neal and Perron, Perron is more likely to be dealt. I expect Perron to be dealt as I don’t see any effort for someone to resign.

Fits: St.Louis, New York Islanders, Philadelphia

Perron is enjoying his best season of his career. He is almost registering a point per game. He would help a struggling team that can’t produce offense. But would he still play this well on another team?…..That’s to be determined.

Jack Johnson, Defense

Johnson is a solid defenseman. He isn’t going to wow you in any part of his game but he is well rounded. He can be a decent top 4 defenseman addition to a struggling defense.

Fits: Toronto, New York Islanders, Dallas

Johnson requested a trade a few weeks ago to get out of Columbus. After having financial issues in the past Johnson needs a new deal. Johnson would be a upgrade to many defensive cores.

Tyson Barrie, Defense

Barrie is a good defenseman for Colorado. I’m unsure as to why they would want to part ways with him. Rumors have been swirling that his names are in trade rumors.

Fits: Toronto, New York Islanders

He is a skilled defenseman on a cheap deal with term. He provides a good shot with defensive ability. The cost is rumored to be top 6 forward for Barrie at the very least…..So the cost is high.

Derick Brassard, Center

Brassard was a common name in trade rumors a month ago but has gone away. He was connected to a few teams but mainly with the Penguins.

Fits: Pittsburgh, Columbus, New York Islanders

Brassard is a great 2 way center and provides good faceoff ability. It’ll be interesting to see if his name resurfaces over the next month. If Ottawa sells like how they rumored to be then Brassard will be dealt.

Petr Mrazek, Goalie

Mrazek has only played 17 games this season. It was rumored last season that he has fallen out of favor with the franchise that currently employs him. He’s a decent young goaltender with good starter potential.

Fits: New York Islanders, Carolina, Dallas, Chicago

Mrazek is a good goaltender with untapped potential. If he comes available he will get some looks. I’d be curious to see the price to acquire him would be.

Sum up

The trade deadline looks to be a busy one for most, if not all, general managers around the league. Hopefully the asking prices around the league drop so some deals can be done. I believe as the deadline nears and teams with rental players to sell still have them will sell towards the last moment. It’ll be interesting to see how everything shakes out over the next month. The waiting game is getting tuned up for the teams around the league. Now is the time for players to change sweaters .

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