Sheahan Better Option Than Cullen?

RileySheahan definitely is no Sidney Crosby or a solid 3rd liner but he’s improving. He would be a viable option at 4th line center for the Pens after they gain a solid 3rd line center as he’s been playing solid hockey for the Pens of late.

But when compared to Matt Cullen he is having a better season. Sheahan has 6 points in 25 games and Cullen has 5 in 24 games. So points are about the same but faceoff percentage is up. Sheahan boasts a 54.38% in the face off circle compared to Cullen’s 50.4%.

The largest desperation between the two is +/-. Sheahan has a +2 and Cullen has a -9. That is huge for the teams success. They both add some solid penalty kill abilities and Sheahan costs more but he has a bigger upside with his younger age and speed.

Sheahan will be a great role player for this team like Cullen was as soon as the 3rd line center situation is resolved. Like Cullen, he isn’t a 3rd line center and shouldn’t be expected as one. But he will be a great player for the playoffs especially with his faceoff ability.

So the hype on Sheahan will never be too high but the role he will play on this team will be about the same as Cullen’s was. Minus the “dad” presence that Cullen brought with him. But the Pens will be in good hands at 4th line center as soon as they get that 3rd center to solidify this team.

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