The Penguins Are Much Improved

The Pittsburgh Penguins look a lot different now than they did three games ago.

The passion was there, but the energy and control were not. Suddenly, they’re much more involved in this series. They’re doing the little things now.

By little things I don’t mean the traditional cliche things like blocking shots and backchecking. I mean the little things that show a player is in it, I mean really in it.

Here’s a few examples:

The references here are telling. Sens defenceman Dion Phaneuf and Penguin Chris Kunitz were involved in a tussle beside the Senators net and got coincidental penalties. Kunitz went to the box laughing while Phaneuf stood arguing, obviously (and to be honest, rightly) frustrated about why he got a penalty too.

Phaneuf also took Crosby down after he shot a puck, and instead of reacting, Crosby just propped himself up on one knee and gave a fairly condescending smile to Phaneuf.

It’s these specific little things that prove one thing as summed up very well in this next tweet:

The Senators will have to do something pretty special to turn the tables back around. We should be in for some kind of a finish to this series.

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