Penguins Resiliency Is Key

The Penguins resiliency is something special. This team really improves their game to step up to the challenge. After that game 7 win against the Capitals in Washington they couldn’t have faced a better challenge. 

The Penguins went into game 7 as the underdogs needless to say. After games 5 and 6 in which they lost 4-2 and then 5-2, the Penguins weren’t playing their game and it was obvious that they were struggling.

Personally I thought they might’ve ran out of gas. But again and again this team just keeps surprising everyone even though we should come to expect greatness from this team. 

From last year and in this year we continue to watch in awe of the comeback kids. Whether it’s coming back and winning games or playing up to the challenge in huge games, this team steps up. They never stop proving us wrong, and I couldn’t be happier. 

The Penguins are moving onto the Eastern Confrence Finals and I am very impressed with this groups character again. But expect them to play great when it matters most during the remaining of the playoffs. And don’t count them out till the final horn sounds.

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