How Important are Superstitions?

Ever since I could remember, superstitions have been apart of sports as much as trophies are. Each person has one no matter if they deny it or not.

It can be sitting a certain place, wearing certain clothes, praying, or eating or drinking something specific.

Personally I basically do all of these before during and after game time. It’s almost like a religious ceremony for my family and I.

We got to sit certain places and wear certain things. It was most successful last season for us. And is obviously the only reason the Pens won the cup last year (being sarcastic obviously).

What it comes down to is that superstitions don’t matter but almost everyone including myself believe in them.

But it comes down to the players and the team themselves. But even though I just made that statement, do what you do every game day and be proud of it.

People need to create as much luck as possible especially during the playoffs. With the Pens they’ll need some help from the fans outside of the arena. And we can do so by our luck creators that are superstitions.

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