How The Pens Get Back on Track in Game 4

The Pens are heading into game 4 against the Capitals up 2-1 in the series.

The big headline is that their captain and best player in the world won’t be playing.

Even though the Pens are playing with a depleted team again, DON’T PANIC! Lets remember that this beat up team came back and almost beat this Capitals team in game 3.

If anything Pens fans should be extremely excited and ready for a resilient underdog team (which the Pens were before Sids injury).

The Pens always play with the motto of just play and that’s what they’ll do. Sullivan will have them stick to their game plan no matter who is in the lineup and throughout this year it has worked for them.

Another thing to look forward to is Evgeni Malkin. In his career when Sidney Crosby is put of the lineup is insane. He has a ton of points and knows how to show up in these big moments. 

So don’t panic because this is one of the most resilient teams I’ve ever seen. They will stay focused and win this game for their captain. The Pens will win this series because karma sucks and it’s coming your way Capitals!

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