Does The Letang Injury Ruin The Pens Chances?

After the news came out that Letang is going to miss the rest of the season, panic starts to set in. Or does it? This is the optimistic take and pessimistic look into this injury.


Letang is a huge part of not only the defense but the offense as well. He is a great powerplay shot and adds a shut down defender on the backend. With him out the Penguins no longer have that. They no longer have a top defenseman but just normal guys trying to share the workload. With this injury it might be the straw that broke the camels back. Expect the Penguins to be early round exits unless someone on the defense (Schultz) takes his place and excels.


Yes Letang is out but he has been out for a while. But let’s not forget all the depth and defenseman we have on the backend to sure up the blueline. With these defenseman the Pens can distribute the workload evenly. The Daley/Maata pairing was playing well before they got injured and Streit and Hainsey have been good since acquiring them. If the team can keep playing well like they have the past few games I don’t see how they couldn’t move at least deep into the playoffs or get another ring. Letang is a big loss but with the depth on the defense, I’m not worried. Plus it doesn’t matter how good your defense plays if your goalie isn’t on the top of his game. Murray has been starting to heat up going into the playoffs so expect another great performance from him. So no Letang doesn’t ruin the pens hopes for their 5th Stanley Cup but it does cause for others to step up both on defense, goaltending, and the forwards.

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